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MILLENNIALS- those born from 1981-1996 (23-38)


Pew Research: Defining Generations

"Millennials will change the world decisively more than any other generation." 


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  1. Millennials don’t just work for a paycheck — they want a purpose.

  2. Millennials are not pursuing job satisfaction — they are pursuing development.

  3. Millennials don’t want bosses — they want coaches.

  4. Millennials don’t want annual reviews — they want ongoing conversations.

  5. Millennials don’t want to fix their weaknesses — they want to develop their strengths.

  6. It’s not just my job — it’s my life.

(The 2018 report is based on the views of 10,455 millennials questioned across 36 countries.)

  • ​>43 percent of Millennials envision leaving their jobs within two years while only 28 percent seek to stay beyond five years

  • A majority of Millennials across the world agree with the statement that businesses “have no ambition beyond wanting to make money.”

  • Only 47 percent think business leaders are committed to helping society improve

  • Trust drives Millennial retention, more so than for other generations.

  • Millennial leaders pose a greater flight risk than other generations.

  • When leaders show they value their Millennial employees, the entire organization benefits.

  • Millennials are stronger brand ambassadors at high-trust organizations.

“The Best Workplaces for Millennials give employees the tools they need to succeed. They set the bar for other organizations seeking to retain and develop the next generation of leaders, and prove that giving Millennials jobs with purpose and meaning drives them to give their best at work, benefitting the company as a whole.”

Michael Bush,

CEO of Great Place to Work

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